Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So....I have been absent because we have been moving. It just worked out that we had to move then right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would never advise anyone to do that. We did still manage to get a simple tree up and a couple of decorations. I have actually already unpacked everything I brought here so far, but still have some things to organize and other things to bring over from the storage locker. We did not officially even get the keys to the new place till Dec 17....and we took small loads over till the 20th when all the large stuff went. Little by little we got moved  but about stressful and it did not seem like Christmas because we had no downtime to even think about it much. I did try regardless, because I love just seemed so odd this year....and no snow but TONS of rain and high winds!

Anyway, making time to just wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and hope you have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

sunset near Arcanum, Ohio (notice the old water tower - which is my favorite water tower around lol)

Noah took this photo on the way home one night as the sun was setting. I think it is a pretty good shot, especially since we did not realize the water tower was in the photo until we enlarged it!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lincoln Funeral Train exhibit in Troy, Ohio - September 2015

Today we took our first official field trip for the school year to see the Lincoln Funeral Train exhibit in Troy, Ohio. It was pretty awesome and we got to go inside as well and check things out. They have re-created everything (they said) as it would have been on the real train. The Presidential bedroom suite Lincoln never got to sleep in the bed. He was killed before that ever happened so his ride was in the casket.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday quiche

Sunday quiche...I had already decided yesterday I would make a quiche today. I really like making them and am pretty good at it now...tossing anything I have into the mix. So I whipped one up today. Dill/Parmesan cheese crust....then whatever I had in the fridge, so I had some sweet peppers and onions and spinach and tomatoes from my garden last year, which I saved mostly for the top, and I even added some chopped pepperoni (though you don't ever have to add any meat)....I added some chives and garlic and onion powder....took 2 eggs and a can of evaporated milk along with some low-fat milk....and after putting the ingredients into my delicious crust....and after adding the cheese..I poured the egg/milk mixture on top...sliced some tomatoes and put them on top....then baked in a 375 degree oven until nice and golden brown and my knife came out clean after being stuck in the middle. I thought it looked pretty good but it tasted even better!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

this will always be my favorite water tower

The water tower in the town of Arcanum....where my grandma and grandpa lived. There is something about it...I have always loved..maybe because it is in the town where I have a lot of happy seems to have a personality all its own and I have many times thought about writing a children's book about this water tower. Hum........

When I was little it used to be silver, but it has been this color now for many many in fact I have a difficult time remembering it ever being silver.