Thursday, July 16, 2009

I got myself a little travelocity gnome!

There is just something about these little guys that I like. I have wanted to get myself one for a long time now. I decided to get this little guy from Big Lots as it was marked way down already for end of summer sales. I did not put him outside for fear someone might steal him. I put him in my kitchen for now....and he looks perfect and I can enjoy seeing him there every day where I could not if he were sitting out front or back.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

good morning sun! (CLICK to enlarge)

Cracker Barrel had some wonderful items for the home and garden on sale a week or so ago when we went there for breakfast. I loved this so much I got one for my uncle for a thank you gift but also got myself one. I stuck mine in the kitchen window for now where the sunlight catches in the sun's face and looks beautiful. CLICK on the image to see it big and up close!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full Buck Moon July 7, 2009! AWESOME raspberry colored moon!

WOW...did you all see this moon last night as it was rising? It was awesome! SO LARGE and SO RASPBERRY in color!! A few Indian tribes have also called the Full Buck Moon "Full Blood Moon" or "Raspberry Moon" or even "Red Berries Moon" because when it rises it appears reddish in color. I could not believe I had the chance to see this moon exactly like that as it first rose last night!

The Full Buck Moon is known as such because it is the time when buck deer sprout velvety new antlers. It can also be known as the "Full Thunder Moon" because thunderstorms are more frequent during this month. It symbolizes a time of harvesting and enjoyment of crops of the season. To some this is the "Blessing Moon". Energy moves into creation. Opportunities for self-reliance and confidence, unity and balance abound. It can also be known as the "Hay Moon" or "Meadow Moon" because the meadows are at their greatest point of growth in this month and it is a time for hay cutting. Some have even called it "Ripe Corn Moon," "Herb Moon," "Grass Cutter Moon, and "Hungry Ghost Moon."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


for all the birthday wishes! I spent a quiet day at home with my son. I never even got out of my pajamas the entire day! It was nice....

Full Buck Moon, July 6, 2009

in the garden after a rain.......(my parent's backyard)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Moon Sunday dusk....June 28, 2009

I was sitting upright in a regular lawn chair.....using my Lumix point and shoot camera......NO tripod.....zoomed in 40x....

the moon was so pretty