Sunday, September 9, 2007 appears to be a "family" thing.....

ANY time we have a get together in the family I have noticed over the years the NUMBER of cameras that also make their appearance. Yesterday we had a belated birthday celebration for my nephew at my parent's house and I swear any time a KODAK moment occurred it was like the paparazzi arrived on the scene! You could hear cameras being whipped out and see flashes going off and yells for "WAIT.....pose like that again!" or "shit I missed it!" tossed out among family members. It was actually pretty amusing and yesterday I decided to turn around and try to quickly capture a shot of what it looks like on the receiving end......I mean there were at least SIX cameras focused on the subject at any given time! NO chance for privacy in this family!

Almost on cue........just like what you see on tv when a movie star makes an appearance.......the cameras fly out and we scramble for the top position to capture the best shot.

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Patty said...

Yeah, well wait until Audrey, Alex and Noah get a camera. Ha!Ha!

Susie Q said...

What fun! A paparazzi family!