Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fall sunset, October 24, 2007

I was going about my business inside my house last night and I noticed the sky outside was all aglow....very odd looking but I recognized that "look" because when it is like that outside I know there is something fabulous occurring in the skies! SO I grabbed my camera and went outside and was able to capture some shots before it all changed very quickly to a regular dark are a few of the beautiful and colorful! Looks like chalk drawings in the sky and the sky looked like it was on fire!

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I call this one my Charlie Brown/Peanuts sky......because if you ever look closely at the skies in the background of the Peanuts movies or cartoons....they almost always look similar to this.....or lots of blues and lavender tones...but definitely this for like The Great Pumpkin movie!

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some more:

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Patty said...

Beautiful sky, but it reminds me of what those poor people in Calif. are going through. Which is terrible, terrible.

Also I see something in the photo that you don't see much anymore. A TV antenna.

For some reason, I never seem to see sunsets like you see, perhaps there's too many trees around, and I would need to drive out into the country more.

Love you, Mom

Melinda said...

well this was right outside my front door and we live in town! SO I KNOW I have seen these types of sun SKIES at your house before mom!

you just have to look.......step outside and look! ;)

Dick said...

Wow...very impressive sky.

Oswegan said...

Nice colors.


Melinda said...

thanks for the visits and comments! ;)