Tuesday, June 24, 2008

macro of a card my sister made for me.......

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she makes the most amazing cards and crafts and she is a fantastic cook and photographer as well....you can check out her work and photos of things she does at her blog here:



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog Brookville Daily Photo this morning. I hope you enjoyed my post today showing the honey bee and the hollyhock flower.

I saw a special last night about the disappearance of honey bees and it is sad to think that most of the fruit, nuts and vegetables we eat would disappear with them. So governments are busy trying to find the culprit before it is too late and one huge problem is the use of insecticides.

Anyway, I wanted you to know I was here to repay your visit and comment with one of my own. Kind of like "Kilroy" was here... remember those drawings everyone used to make?

I enjoyed your blog post for today and I thought Angela's card and your photography was good too. She also does some excellent writing.

Anonymous said...

Love the card. Your family is very talented.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do or have been pollinating my flowers as I don't grow any vegetables except two tomatoes and they bloomed once and no fruit set because they were not pollinated so I have to do that the next bloom.