Thursday, August 21, 2008

driving home last night and the clouds and sun setting.....




I was driving at the wrong angle to take these shots and I knew it...but took some anyway.  I also took these all through my dirty window as I was driving along...the clouds looked like someone painted the sky with swirls of paint ....looked like marble!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I like the third shot the best.

Sure looks like rain and we sure could use some. Here I was thinking about buying some clippers for the yard, that I could stand up and trim the grass. Well here your Dad has a small weed eater, very light weight, that runs on electric. So I tried it out yesterday, works pretty good, have to learn more about how to use it since I have a few places I got really short. LOL

Tim brought over some more bread, this is part of one of the loaves that his Mom said fell. Looks like it could have baked a while longer. He said there's black walnuts in it, but I couldn't taste them, so they must be really, really chopped fine. He also gave us a jar of salsa he made, he calls it the Sissy kind, not too hot, he's making three different types and I can't remember what he called the other two. I think the hottest was called Kick Ass or something like that. LOL

Have a good day. Love you

Anonymous said...

That bottom picture is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love these shots! Awesome sky!


Tomate Farcie said...

Wrong angle? Wow. I'll have to try to remember that technique! ;)The colors look simply fabulous. Well done!