Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I just realized something.......

since I do not store my photos online on Photobucket or Image Shack or Image Cave or anywhere anymore......my photos over time here on this blog are disappearing. I went through some of my archives and found many now missing in action.

I doubt I will take time to go back and replace those missing......as many more will soon follow anyway.

I am going to try to either store them online OR at least upload them through Blogger or Windows Live Writer so they never disappear in the future.

Sorry about this as it is very annoying to go through a blog and see all those blanked out areas where usually the best photos are no longer showing up.

my bad


Anonymous said...

I suppose they do disappear but I never even thought about Blogger running out of storage space but a lot of people upload large photos every day and maybe it is just what they do. I never read their policy or terms of service but I don't upload things very often to their servers.

Photobucket is nice and free. Your mother and I both use it.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I have found if I take a photo from my computer and don't store it in a folder on my computer called, photos for my blog, and then decide to delete from my desktop or where ever I had it, it is then gone from my post. Same if I have a photo on Photobucket and eventually go back and delete it from Photobucket for some reason, it is then gone from my blog post.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! That's awful that they're disappearing. I use photobucket, too, and recommend it as well. Go for it! Not only free, but easy to use.