Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I went to see Dad Monday afternoon......

and he seemed in good spirits.  He was very surprised to see me and my son Noah as he did not think anyone would be down to see him because of pending possible bad weather.  BUT when it looked like there was not going to be any bad weather we decided to head on down for a visit.  He was very talkative....and was happy the second TALC procedure had been performed before he had time to think about it and it was over with.  He does not know for sure but is hoping they remove his chest tube tomorrow and maybe......MAYBE if that is successful....maybe he might come home later this week.

Of course when I asked him if the DOCTOR TOLD HIM THIS.....he said NO.  It was HIM hoping that would be how things would pan out. 

So considering all he has been through he seemed more like himself.



Lew said...

I'm glad your Dad is in good spirits! That's encouraging. Positive attitude goes a long way. That's a great picture of the moon you have!

Rosy said...

Thanks for the update on your dad, I followed this link from your dad's blog that your mother had provided there.

It is nice to hear that Abe is feeling better, and glad he had the TALC again, I hope this time it will do the job for him and that he is back home enjoying what he loves the most, being with his family and blogging about his garden life.

My prayers will contuined for your dad, mom and the rest of the family in these trying times.

God Bless

Kala said...

Your dad is such an amazing person and it really sadden me to read of his illness. I am a regular reader of his photo blog but I took a break and just came back to find out what happened to him. I wish i could pass my strength on to him, but please let him know that my thoughts are with him. he is my inspiration.

God Speed,
Honolulu daily Photo

Melissa said...

Was this the full moon from last week? It was huge wasn't it? Great photo!!

Kate said...

It is my hope that all goes well, not only for Abe but also for his supportive family. You folks work so well as a unit!! You have my admiration. Perhaps Abe's prognosis is prophetic...certainly hope he improves rapidly!! And thanks for the updates!!

dAwN said...

Good update...sending more good wishes...and prayers

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good to hear that Abe was in good spirits.My contnued prayers are with the whole family,may God give you strength as needed and give Abe healing.

Nancy said...

Good that he is in good spirits! They told me when I was at Johns Hopkins that your mental attitude can affect your physical well-being. I'm still here 25 years later when they gave me a prognosis of 6 years! A person just has to think the best instead of worrying. Sounds like your dad is doing just that! He's got a lot of people praying for him, that's for sure.

(((((( HUGS ))))))