Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the bunny and the squirrels and birds all get along together.....

and come up with the chipmunks all at the same time to eat at the same spot in my backyard. So far Mr. Hawk has not made any appearance since winter.

These were taken through a clean spot I found on my kitchen window. The last shot is amazingly clear for being taken through a kitchen window. CLICK TO ENLARGE IT and check it out!


Patty said...

These old eyes, it's hard for me to see the purple on the black.

We haven 't been seeing our hawk either, so perhaps they head north for the summer.

We also haven't seen our bunny. But we have plenty of squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

Have a good rest of the week. Love you

Charles said...

I liked the top pic of all 3. I've seen the rooster here eating in grass in between 2 squirrels close by.

Paz said...

Glad when we can all get along.

Paz ;-)