Thursday, June 11, 2009

one of our wild bunnies napping by our overturned kiddie pool... CLICK photos to see him up close!

we have a few bunnies this year in the yard..this tiny guy has been the newest to make an appearance. A much larger one also is hanging around. The two will chase each other around the pool and under it and then fight over this same sleeping spot. They each take turns napping there. I had to try to snap a few through my kitchen window. He is adorable.


Patty said...

Aww that is just too cute. He must feel safe, all stretched out there relaxing. Have to get something started for supper.

Pat - Arkansas said...

How sweet that the bunnies feel safe in your yard! They are so amusing to watch. Cute photos.

Lady Di Tn said...

Opie must not get out and chase the wildlife. The cat next door, Mz Kitty, is a hunter and trys to take all her finds to her owner. Sam Cat, our Siamese, hardly ever goes out and then only to sun. He is too lazy to be a hunter. I found your blog when your Dad was ill and often I visit but do not leave comments. Peace