Sunday, August 1, 2010

what's that? the great pumpkin?

I had some squirrels take seeds from pumpkins I set outside to decompose from my yard over to the neighbor's yard and bury them. Check it out....plants came up in her flower beds by her shed and pumpkins are coming on!!


Charles said...

You might win award for earliest of year.

Patty said...

You can make a video of you and Noah hunting for the Great Pumpkin, like Charlie Brown does. It does seem a little early for a pumpkin.

Mom said she enjoyed her supper last evening that you and Noah took down to her. Becky, Audrey and I were up to see her last Wed.

I mowed the backyard last night around 8pm and was done and washed off and in a nightgown by 9pm. LOL

Love you, have a good week.

Beth Niquette said...

There it is! I LOVE these pictures--it doesn't seem possible pumpkins could be already getting that big, or that it is so late in the summer--school starts in a couple of weeks--go figure!

And the heart leaf, especially! LOVELY! Have a great day, Melinda.