Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Time To Share a Memory.....52 Photos Project

Our prompt was MEMORY....and one memory I want to share is the beautiful sunrise I saw on New Year's Eve was breathtaking. This is what I saw looking out the top of my tiny window above my front door.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my what a wonderful start to a new year. I can't imagine how wonderful this must have been.
Beautiful picture.
Love from Eva

Lis said...

A glorious way to celebrate a new day, new year! I would definitely get up early to see that view.

xo Lis

deb did it said...

stunning start to a wonderful new year!

Mandy said...

Love the colors. A fabulous way to start the year!

kadfoto said...

What a magnificent way to start a year, a lovely memory indeed!