Tuesday, July 24, 2012

still in a drought in Ohio...

my bushes are green and I am thankful for that. My grass has been brown for weeks now. I have not had to have it mowed for over a month. It looks like a desert around here. We did finally get some rain and I have only a few specks of grass looking even remotely green. I am thankful for the rain we got though.

Prior to that rain the grass was all brown....just really brown..looked like dried straw. It was really bad. I don't think I have any pics of it like that. Now I have a few sprigs of green sprouting up here and there.

I guess it is starting to make a comeback now with the moisture...but since I get full sun and have no shade trees...my yard may take a long time to recover. It saves me paying the mowers...and I really don't mind having brown grass..I am just thankful my bushes and the neighbor's trees so far have not died off or suffered too much.

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Charles said...

That's about what ours was last year. Most went totally dead; I was surprised this spring when most did come back. We kept watering about 3 small yards until they greened up. I still have 4 patches (about size of car)that are just dirt. We had 12 straight days of rain lately. They are bringing corn & milo in.