Wednesday, December 26, 2007


On Christmas day my son and I went to my parents' house to meet with family and celebrate the holiday. I went outside to their backyard with my camera thinking I might be able to capture some amazing shots of some there is ALWAYS some kind of animal activity in their backyard. BUT NO.....yesterday was eerily signs of wildlife I focused on other subjects. I also did some black and white shots which I am really starting to is one of my favorite black and white shots of my son and his cousin....(YES mom and dad I have them in color too and they are just as nice in color....

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of course it helps when the subjects are so amazingly cute

And the second photo below is one taken by my dad....oldmanlincoln whom you can find here:

Abraham Lincoln (I just cropped it out and turned it black and white because it was an amazing photo)

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(courtesy of dad Abraham Lincoln)

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a picture of my son

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cousins and friends


Patty said...

WOW! I really like these photos. I like black and white, perhaps that's because that was about all we had when I was growing up.

By the way, your Dad saw the hawk today at lunch time. He pretty much blends in with the colors outside, I guess he found his pickings slim today, he didn't stay long. Now your Father at least knows the hawk is still around.

Well off to put a load of clothes into the dryer and finish up the lunch dishes.

Did Noah try out the engine key chain, the one they had on display at the store sounded like the old fashion type coal engine whistle.

Melinda said...

thanks mom! I am really getting into the black and whites too! I LOVE them!

YES.....Noah LOVES that train keychain...I put the batteries in last night and he sits and plays it all the time at his PC. I did not know who got it for him!

so thanks!

love you!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos Melinda. I like them. I will try to take some on Sunday as I didn't get any taken of anybody except audrey and melissa on Christmas

Melinda said...

Thanks dad. I have some to send....just have not yet had time.

Catherine said...

Great have excellent photos...great site...and I love the title..drawing with light!!
I visit your dads' blog's and saw your site in his links...I will be back!!
Happy Holidays!

Melinda said...

thank you very much Cat for visiting and the kind words!

Melissa said...

Great photos Melinda! I love the black and white ones.

Melinda said...

thanks Melissa......I love the black and white too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kids. Looks like they had a fun time. I like the black and white shots.