Thursday, December 27, 2007

looking up...

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oldmanlincoln said...

I guess this is a substitute for birds. There have not been many here and the last time I saw any hawks was on the 11th but then yesterday at 12:30 one landed on the fence. I got some pictures but it didn't stay here long. I have some squirrels but the bird population is way down. Sometimes we only see a woodpecker and a Downey at that--all day long.

Mom went to doctor today and while there complained about walking and doctor gave her a prescription to get a parking permit thing for handicapped as they are now arresting people for using a husband's card or vice versa. So we went to the license bureau and got the parking things you hang on the windshield. So we both got them now.

You can erase this line but I was online the other day and saw where the membership at efx is down to 46.

Paz said...

I like to look up. ;-) Nice shot.