Thursday, July 24, 2008

flowers in my parents' backyard......

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Anonymous said...

The hanging basket flower is still here but the hollyhocks bloomed all the way to the top and we cut them yesterday and put them in bags and took them out to the city garage where they are disposed of. I save some seed and Patty put some sections of the stalks down so the seed will come out and reseed themselves. We also spent some time taking down and out the spider wort plants. They look nice but grow everywhere and take over and I don't want that. So it was a work day yesterday.

I got to be careful now too as this MTX messes with my immune system and Dr. Wharton told me my bladder infection is just the first thing that will probably happen and I will have to be careful around crows and so on. So, I don't know what working out will do but Patty reminded me that I am not supposed to be in the sun either. She promised to get me a big hat.

Tell Noah grandpa said HI> "Hi Noah."

Martin Stickland said...

Hey! I see you have your mum and dads 'good look' genes and your dads camera skills! (I love your Dads pictures and your Mums funny blog!)

Glad you like the Lion film clip and lucky you having the full version.

Today in little old England it is sunny!!! Yipeeee!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Yes, like your Dad said, most all of the hollyhocks have bllomed and are down, still a few here and there.

I also save some seeds for Mom, she wanted some to plant. I just put a mixture into a container for her, they have to dry out a little more yet before I give them to her.

Love you. Give Noah a hug and tell him it's from Grandma Lincoln

Anonymous said...

lovely flowers!

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