Sunday, July 20, 2008

my small pumpkin blooming!

Earlier this year my son and I sat out 2 pumpkins we had kept in the house all winter from last October. Finally in February the largest one started leaking all over the kitchen floor so I told him we HAD to move them OUTSIDE to allow nature to take its course and allow these to decompose. I told him the seeds might take root and grow into a small pumpkin patch/plants and we might be able to grow some pumpkins of our own! So reluctantly he went along with this plan and we moved the pumpkins outside. Over time they slowly decomposed until they were nothing but seeds in the grass. Those seeds DID take root and We DO have a small pumpkin plant/patch now growing in our backyard! Below are some photos.....

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and our wind chime is all smiles......

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

Perhaps if you go to a hardware store or a place that sells farm supplies and buy a small piece of chicken wire to set around the plant, it will keep the squirrels away so they won't eat the blooms.

Like the chime. I'm going to have to watch and see if they have any on sale at the end of summer and buy a couple, some of my older ones are falling apart. I love to hear them when sitting outside.

Love you two, hope you have a great day. Looks like it could rain.

Tomate Farcie said...

Great shots. I am simply amazed at the colors you get with that little Lumix.

And by the way, thoughts and prayers from California for your little one.

Paz said...

wow! That's really cool!