Friday, August 31, 2007

Macro Picnic Ants, sweat bee, and Noah's eye

Noah and I stopped by the park today and I took a few macro shots of some ants scurrying around picking up crumbs off our picnic blanket. I also got a shot of a fast sweat bee and then Noah's eye.

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oldmanlincoln said...

I couldn't figure out what the ants were on and then went back and read it was a blanket.

They are all nice shots but the eye picture is flawless. I really liked it.

I have not posted it yet but I took and have left about 500 hummingbird photos. And all were taken with my one Canon camera. One of them is outstanding and I will probably publiish it tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Cool ant and eye photos!

Mom said...

I like the eye shot, what lashes.
Love you

Melinda said...

thanks everyone.......

Susie Q said...

Amazing photos...truly. I have been on your Dad;s blog and your sister's and am awestruck at the amount of talent in your family.
I will be back often to visit all of you...I am a beginning photog and just admire anyone with the skill you have.

I live near Centerville, OHio so am not too far away.

Have a great weekend...

Warm regards,

Melinda said...

Sue thanks for your visit and wonderful comments! Come back anytime!