Wednesday, August 1, 2007

shot last year with a Mustek......

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Anonymous said...

I like the statues. All fine examples of the stone carver's art that has all but disappeared. I can't begin to even guess what something like this would cost on a tombstone these days. But the price of a house at least. I don't recognize the man's name either. But then I don't get around much.

Thanks for your frequent vists to my blog. I don't get around much anymore. I try but seems like I get sidetracked all the time. I did get the Bear's Mill story done and the new photos sent off the the back fence magazine yesterday.

I also got emails from France today about my books being advertised there. Some lady wanted permission to translate some pages to assist in the advertising, I am guessing.

Also had to fill out some forms for the IRS because I am being paid for this last story.

Hope yo uare all OK. We are OK but this weather is horrible on my breathing.

Love to you all.