Saturday, August 11, 2007

my buddie Joe....

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Shot with DMC-TZ1 at 2007-08-11

He looks so sad.......and is a great dog. He deserves a much better life than what he has right now. He is not my dog.....but belongs to owners who do not really take care of him or pay him much attention. I feel really sorry for him and wish I could give him a good home.


Mom said...

Mom said Michael got into his pen yesterday, and cut down all the weeds that were growing there. He laid them beside the fence, quite a pile of weeds. I asked Mom if the dog would let him get in there and Mom said, yes he really likes Mike and also likes Melinda and Noah. She said Michael said the dog still has a sore foot and he doesn't understand why the owners don't do something about it.

Melinda said...

poor have to wonder if the owners even NOTICE this or wonder then WHO cut the weeds down? OR they watched it being done and thought to themselves it would be one less thing for them to worry about? I feel so bad for Joe. I swear if I had a place to take him I would go sneak him out!