Friday, February 22, 2008

a couple pretty houses...

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Paz said...

Nice architecture.


oldmanlincoln said...

These houses are beautiful. In their day, the richest people around owned them and those near Memorial Hall are among the nicest ones. Now, however, they have sunk as low as misery can take them and some are being rescued by people with deep pockets and several check books.

I used to mow the yard for Mrs. Manix who lived across from our house on Fort Jefferson Road. She lived there with her daughter, Joann. They owned Manix construction which is still a Darke County Fixture. Anyway, they gave me a whopping $20.00 to mow the five acres (it seemed like) around their house and barnyard. Wow was that ever big money in those days.

Anyway, Mrs. Manix knew most of those people who owned those houses around Memorial Hall. She and her daughter sometimes would talk about them and how they had made their money.