Friday, November 28, 2008

Dad is still in the hospital with the chest tube in......

I wanted to go see him yesterday afternoon since it was Thanksgiving and I wanted to surprise him as I knew he figured no one would show up to see him as it was a holiday..etc.  My son and I and my one sister and her daughter drove down to surprise him.  When we walked in the room this is what we saw:


I said "OH I have GOT to get a picture of this!" to which dad responded when I told him I brought my cameras "GOOD!  I figured that will likely be the ONLY way a picture of me gets online!"  He wanted to share this with everyone......and I sent them to mom to post...but she may not have time.  SO I decided to post them here.  That THING on his head is something new where they WASH your hair by placing it on your gets  hot....there is some moisture in there too or maybe the heat creates steam?  It washes the hair ......I thought that was a pretty amazing thing. 

Dad still has the chest tube in...and about 3 IV's in his arms.......a catheter still in place too....he is hooked up to so many tubes and gadgets he could never move too far.  BUT when we got there....he was sitting up in the chair for the first time....and had already been in the chair for about 2-1/2 hours.   He has been having problems with his heart rhythm and it beating too fast so they have him on IV drips for that.   AND give him medicine to help prevent blood clots......


He seemed in good spirits but I thought his skin was looking a little yellow on his arms and parts of his face.   He was very excited and happy I think to have someone come visit him.  He said to me he was starting to wonder "gee does nobody love me?"   I told him we were THANKFUL he was still here......on this Thanksgiving day....and I bet he never thought he would be in the hospital on Thanksgiving!

We had a nice talk......but dad let us know that his lungs are pretty much SHOT.  He said the surgeon told him that they are pretty sure his lung will do this again one day.....and if so.....they do not know what they would do....but that they would NOT put in another chest tube....and the one surgeon said he would NOT operate on dad because of how bad his lungs are and because of his heart issues he has or has had in the past.   The combination of heart issues and emphysema and asthma, etc. has not done his lungs any good.  It has all taken a toll. 

I am not sure what that means.  I need to talk to one of the doctors and ask some serious questions.  I told mom to ask some today and her and dad BOTH to ask what does that mean for me if it does happen again?  WHAT are my options?  I think they are hopeful this sealant they sprayed in dad's lung will help create a strong if another bleb bursts......that seal would  not allow his lung to collapse again.  This is basically the same sort of repair they would do on the outside of the lung if they had operated....they resect away the bad portions and place a patch over the hole.  Much like a flat tire with a hole in it.  You can patch on the outside or's lung was patched on the inside with that sealant. 

That "sticky stuff" as it has come to be known basically BURNS the lining of  your lung.....which causes scar tissue to form.  That creates the barrier. 

The doctor told dad his lung was NOT reinflating to the capacity it should....and they did not know why...but maybe because he was not doing much but lying around.  So they wanted to get him up to sit in the chair to allow the lung to drain.  And drain it was!  There was all sorts of bloody liquid coming out of that tube!

Pretty soon the SHAMPOO head-dress came off and dad started to look a lot better:


So at this point we are not sure what is going to happen.  Dad thinks they may try to remove his chest tube TODAY (Friday November 28) but he is not positive.  AND no one seems to know for sure what will happen if they remove the tube.  Mom is exhausted.  Mom is so tired she almost fell asleep at the dinner table yesterday.  Dad is worried about her too. 

I have to admit us kids did not know any of this until we went to see dad at the hospital because Mom had not yet mentioned this to us.  I don't think we realized just how BAD his lungs might be and the fact that the surgeon told Dad outright that he would not want to do surgery on Dad. 

Hopefully we will find out more today....


Mom will probably still try to keep everyone updated on Dad's blogs and her blog.....but if can check here as I will try to keep everyone updated too. 

Please continue to say prayers for Dad if you are inclined.  ANY would be appreciated.  I told Dad about everyone giving him well wishes and leaving comments.  He said to post these pics of him as it would probably REALLY bring the comments in!  That sounds like Dad.


Small City Scenes said...

Thanks so much on the update on your Dad. Sending GOOD VIBES his way and yours too. MB

Chica said...

I've been watching your blog since he went in, so thanks for updating again. I consider Abe like an online gramps to me, so I really hope he gets out of this, I'd be devastated if anything more terrible happened. :/

Dan said...

Hi Melinda, thanks so much for sharing these and for your willingness to share this part of your family life with us. I am inclined and will be pray for your dad.

Jilly said...

Melinda, Thanks so much for keeping us all informed and for taking such great photographs. It's daunting to read of your father's problems with lungs and heart and we are all praying for him. I know Abraham has become an important part of my life, since I 'met' him via his and my blogs. He has always encouraged and helped me - I'm so grateful for this. Now we have to encourage and help him with our energies and good wishes.

Send him our love. I'll check back tomorrow for more news.

Sounds a great way to get a shampoo!

Take care, Melinda and all the best to you and your family.

Beth65 said...

Thanks for the update so complete. I am soooo sorry his condition is so uncertain, be assured there are so many of us keeping him and all of you in our prayers. I just hurt for Patty. God bless you all.

Beth65 said...

Thank you for the complete update, my heart aches for you all, be assured I know all his fans are keeping him in our prayers as well as Patty and all his family, God bless.

Anonymous said...

He sure looks cute, even in a hospital gown, tubes and all. Thanks for the photos. Always sending good thoughts and extra prayers.


jalynn01 said...

Hi Melinda: I'm so glad you posted all that information about your dad. I think of him and pray for him and all the family many times a day. Everytime I look at blogs I always go to his and of course that triggers more thoughts and prayers. With faith, family and friends we can get through just about anything...I know for sure Abe has all of that. I sure hope your mom gets some rest too. She will need it when he comes home.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Thanks for posting this Melinda, what I am going to do is post your blog at your Dad's blogs and mine to come over and read the update. The lung doctor made it sound like it's not as bad as the surgeon says, but like the lung doctor said, he's looking at it from an entirely different point of view. He said the x-rays show the lungs have made a big improvement from Tuesday when he was taken in to the hospital. And the surgeon also had them remove that long tubing that went into this plastic type clear box, with a little shorter tubing. I can't remember what they call it. This way he can start getting up more and moving around. The nurse said his goal is to walk more and drink more water. Have a nice visit with Mom/Grandma C.

Country Girl said...

Thanks. I just got directed here from my own blog when I saw the update 10 minutes ago.
He looks great! But as a daughter, I can certainly understand your concern. Please, I hope you're telling him about all of us in blogville that are wishing him well.
And I can see that photography genes run in the family. Without looking at the rest of your blog, and just at your header, I can see you have much talent!!

Jack and Joann said...

Melinda, thank you for posting and taking the photos. What a strange way to shampoo hair. He did look cute under the cap!

Tell him everyone around the world loves him so much and misses his wit, keen incite on current events, his amazing photos, his love of nature and his stories from the past. Tell him to rest, rest, rest! We will want him to come back only when he his completey well and a little onery! Peace.

Wanda said...

Hi Melinda ~~ Really appreciate the updates and pictures. Only your dad would be wondering how many comments he got today... Yes, his new hairdo and tubes should do the trick.

I am concerned for your Mom too. I will keep both these very special people in my prayers.

You are a sweet daughter too. Thanks
Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Melinda, Thanks for the update &
GOOD Photos of Abe. Hope he mends good & fast. Glad you're watching after your parents. Still 80 degrees here in south Texas. Busy today cutting trees; Edna raking leaves. Thanks for info, again.
Charles R. in Texas

Nancy said...

He looks like he's been put through the mill, doesn't he? God bless him!!! And he's wanting those comments....he is a true blogger at heart, isn't he? LOL

I am so sorry he has been so ill and having to go through all this. Your mom has been keeping me informed via email. She sounds tired, even in her emails.

Tell your dad that he has all of us bloggers out here praying for him! He'll come through with God's help. I posted a story and pic of him and your mom on my blog yesterday, asking for prayers. We all know prayer does work, so just keep praying! I know this is a hard time for you girls but keep the faith!

Sending prayers for him and his family! Tell him he is loved by so many of us out here in Blogland!

You've done a great job with the updates and photos!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Tomate Farcie said...

Thank you for the updates and all the pictures (I'm glad to see he is smiling!) and all my best wishes for prompt recovery. Please keep telling your Dad that all his Internet friends are thinking about him, and that we're sending thoughts and prayers your way. Best regards to your Mom.

Gramma Ann said...

Thanks for the updates on your Dad. He looks like everyone in those beautiful hospital gowns. But, he did have a smile for us, even if he was in pain. I hope he continues to improve with each passing day. I pray that you all can cope through this very sad and trying time and he heals quickly.

Lynette said...

Thank you, Melinda, for this update. My Mama and I have come to know your Dad and Mom online, and we're quite blessed to have done so.

Mama's been asking me every day if there's been any news. She's already gone to bed out here in Portland, Oregon, but I'll get her caught up in the morning.

We wish both of your special parents and the entire family strength, patience, and fortitude in these trying times. We'll keep right on praying, too.

Arija said...

Thanks for the updates. Chilren often are the last to know when parents have serious health issues. For those of us who are in a similar situation, the signs have shone through in both their blogs for some time, as has their love for each other and their children. I do hope some more good years are granted them to spread joy in this world.
I'll be praying for you all.

epiac1216 said...

Hello Melinda:

Thank you so much for batting in for your tired mom. Even in the seriousness of Abe's health condition, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

We are praying daily for Abe's health and for his prompt return to his home and his beloved family and backyard animals.

Tell you Dad, he is loved by many people all over the globe.

Good Bless,


Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Thanks, Melinda, for the news about your dad, and for the photos. I am continuing to keep him and your mom in my prayers. They have both become very special people to me.

Ineke said...

haha, i am glad he said that.
But holieee! he is hooked up on a lot!
never heard of that shampoo hat before. Makes you want to try it. Almost then.
Thanks for the updates!

Indigo2087 said...

Thanks for the update, Melinda! I'm sure your dad was very touched at the surprise visit. I will be sending positive thoughts his way and hope he is back to his old self very soon. Please give him a big hug from me.

babooshka said...

Such personal images. Tell your dad he needs to get up and start photographing those birds again. Best wishes to all of you, and positive thoughts.

Craig Glenn said...

Thanks again for the update. I really miss my daily Abe bird lesson. It has been a joy to get to know him through his blogs, yours, and your mom's. Everyone in their own way can relate to what yall are going through. Please tell Abe that we are pulling for him and he is in our prayers!