Saturday, January 10, 2009

click to enlarge and see what I am having for breakfast!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Wow, that looks yummy, but for breakfast?? Why not lunchtime. Or will you have left overs for lunchtime? That chicken would make a really good sandwich to, with some soup. Heard you were down this way yesterday on a fast errand. Good thing you made it yesterday, doesn't look like anyone is going much of anyplace today. Love you guys.

Paz said...

For breakfast? LOL! I love it!

Actually, they say that's the way we should be eating -- start out with a heavier meal in the morning and lessen the food as the day goes along.

Eat like a King for breakfast, a Queen for lunch and a pauper for dinner. That way we don't eat too much before going to bed and are inactive and won't burn the calories.

Paz ;-)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I'm with Old Lady LIncoln,looks yummy,but for breakfast?Enjoy.

Melinda said...

YES for breakfast! I often eat different foods for breakfast at breakfast time that most would only eat at lunch or supper. I eat fish a lot....and grilled chicken with salad or with eggs even.

AND roasted chicken with NO additional oils added and roasted veggies are very nutritious and healthy! I can have a very nice serving and feel very full and satisfied! I had been wanting to roast a chicken. I have been frequently roasting this was a nice change as it sounded good to me today!

I will have leftovers yes!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Looks good to me, Melinda! I've been known to eat enchiladas, or left over pizza, for breakfast, and I often eat a bowl of cereal for my supper.