Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are now a Level 3 Snow Emergency and I am done shoveling.....again......for now......


that was a lot of shoveling and of course the snow plow plowed us all in at the end of our driveways......over 3 feet deep in at least a 10-15 foot section I had to move


my snowman that stands 3 feet got completely buried after this last snow pass moved through....I tried to shake the snow around him off.....



There is a bush buried under all this snow on the corner


Noah is a little over 4-1/2 feet tall.......he is right about the height of the snow to the right of him

P1150315 at least the mailman will be able to get to my mailbox!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Looks like Noah was out there to help you clear away some of the snow. We were lucky, Mr. Shaner had a plow on the front of his vehicle and he came along and pushed all the snow that the city's snow plow had moved to the end of our drive way, away and to each side. I called and thanked him, really appreciated that, it was deep and heavy. I think I need a little nap. It seems like it's been a long day, I guess because I woke up a little earlier then usual.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

I think I sent a message, didn't I? Getting senile, LOL.

Melissa said...

Impressive snow photos, and that's a lot of hard work you did today!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Noah is almost lost around all that snow.

I also put out some bird gravel the other day with the seed as the birds can't get it for their gizzards when everything is covered with a foot of snow and an inch of ice. I use the kind in stores for pet birds. It works. I saw the wren picking at it yesterday here by the door.

Your photos are very nice, Melinda.

Hi Noah!

Paz said...

A lotta snow. I'm glad my mailbox is INSIDE my building. ;-)


Tomate Farcie said...

OMG that is a LOT of snow!!!