Friday, January 16, 2009

it is -14 with a wind chill of -34 degrees!



please pray for Tom and Joe. Tom is a cute cat that hangs around my grandmother's house and Joe is her neighbor's dog. The neighbors do not take very good care of Joe and he is left out in all type of elements without proper shelter and conditions are horrific for him. I have written about him is so very sad. I want to just go rescue him and bring him home to where I live...but right now renting this house I am not even allowed to have the one cat I do have (which I took in as a stray).

Tom-Kat we take pretty good care of, but he still has to be left outside. My grandmother is helping to keep him fed and such until I can hopefully bring him here to live too....somewhere if I can get a place that allows pets.

Needless to say I am worried about those 2 little guys and wish I already lived somewhere ...where I could have brought them both to live. I don't want to find out they froze to death during this bitterly cold weather.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

I know it's a shame about Joe, I'll have to ask Mom if she's seen him out. Supposedly they put him in their garage when it's really cold, but I doubt it, half of the windows are missing in it anyway, at least they were. Tom now has a nice cat house with wood chips, if he just uses it. Mom said he was in it the other evening, she looked out with a flashlight, and he had his head close to the opening. She said she thinks he goes up the alley someplace to sleep at night. I know yesterday she left him on the back porch for a while. That cat house is made heavy enough and up off the ground, so I think if he uses it he'll find it's better then sleeping under a bush. Brookville has no school today, they were going to dismiss early for something, so they probably figured it wasn't worth running buses especially if they run two hours late and leave HS out at 1 and Elementary at 2. Makes sense to me. Keep warm. Love you guys.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I would think the Darke County Animal Shelter people would have something to say about this if they knew.

Melinda said...

well dad I have called the Humane Society NUMEROUS times has Michael. The woman came out once.....only DROVE by the alley area...did not physically get out and walk to see what it looked like back there. SHE DID apparently serve the people with papers giving them minimal requirements....of what they were to provide for Joe. They did not. THIS year they finally DID put a DAB of straw down......but his pen is still full of holes and mud/water and ALL his poop as they never clean that out. His dog house is too small...and sits over a large hole..or else he would not be able to get inside.

So the Humane Society here in this county does NOTHING to really help the animal....very little if it means going OUT to someone's house to do something. At least as far as Joe is concerned. I guess she figured if he has food and water....and the rest is not important.

dAwN said...

Oh so sad..I hope that the animals stay warm somehow..
It is nice you are concerned and will try and help them when you can.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Very sad...I hate to see any animal outside during that kind of weather. Hope Animal Control is alerted again by someone and will really do something this time. Thanks for caring about these're a good person! Susan

julie king said...

you have a very big heart, melinda! i hope you get to move to place where you can have more pets soon. there are so many needy animals out there!

Tomate Farcie said...

Maybe the dog figured out how to dig a hole to stay warm in and the cat joined him somehow? I don't know too much about cats, but we had a lot of dogs and they can be very resourceful.